Questions To Ask When Determining Your Target Market


Before launching or introducing your product you need to have a perfect understanding of you target market. Having an in depth knowledge of your customers will lead to a faster growth of your business. A target market is a group of customers that your business has focused on marketing its products to. For you to realize success in your target market you need to put into consideration the four elements of marketing mix which are product, place, promotion and price commonly referred to as the four Ps. Before deciding on your target market there are a number of questions you should ask yourself.

Who is going to purchase my merchandise or service?

It is very necessary to know who are more likely to purchase your product. For your business to grow you must have sales. Without sales then you have no business thus this forms the basis of the choice of your target market. Try and look what are the advantages of your products over your competitors and what problem are you actually solving by introducing the product to the market. Your product should be as unique as possible and solve most of the problems of your intended target market.



What assumptions am I making in the choice of my target market?

Most businesses tends to make assumptions on their products based on their understanding of the product and knowledge in making this assumptions they tend to forget that they are not actually the consumers on the ground but producers of the product. Before launching a product to the market it is necessary to have an elaborate understanding of your target market. Go out in the field talk to your potential customers and listen to their views on how they would wish the product to be. Include these ideas when coming up with your product.

How am I going to market my product?

Marketing is also essential when it comes to defining your target market. Marketing helps to boost sales and also provides a good understanding as it involves market research and market study. Marketing research involves the use of questionnaires to help know so specific issues arising from customers. It also entails one on one interview with the customer thus a sure way of accommodating their views. On the other hand market study entails the study of the demographic changes and consumer purchasing pattern. All this marketing strategies will help you to determine your target market.

WPD Marketing Consulting

WPD Marketing Consulting

How can I expand my target market?

For growth to be realized in a business there must be expansion. You should be able to design a policy framework that ensures your target market is not rigid thus expandable. If your target market is the youth design products that will also come to attract other target group in the long run. This will help in ensuring that your business remains competitive.

If you put all this questions in mind plus the four basic elements of the marketing mix then you will have a smooth way in determining your target market.

Three Vices That Can Ruin Your Child’s Future


The future financial decision of a child depends on the parents’ choice. The early 3 Signs your child will be a future financial disaster is a guide on how to introduce your child to financial freedom. For a better future, parents should keenly observe their children’s behaviors. Parents should not wait for their children to join high school for them to be introduced into financial management. Children need to be trained early enough on the best ways to save and invest. They will also require tips on how to cut down on their expenses and avoid too much spending.


Spending habits of a child should be monitored by the parent. Worthy investment are made from well mitigated expenditure. Your child should be able to cut down on unnecessary spending. Not all commercials should be able to sway your child into buying what they do not need. Impulse buying should be discouraged and unnecessary shopping avoided. A kid must be guided when doing shopping. The kid should be assisted to draw an order of preference of items. This will serve to teach the child to identify that is important to a less important item. In this case the child learns the good habit of wisely spending money that is at hand.

Helicopter Parenting Can Ruin Your Child's Chances of Getting a Job

Helicopter Parenting Can Ruin Your Child’s Chances of Getting a Job

Working on assignments and school materials

A child that is careless on his or her homework and handles school books and other materials in a rugged way is definitely a careless child. This means that the child is not only going to be careless on his finances but also on his bills. If the child is always late on working on homework and assignments, this is an indicator that the child is going to constantly be late on paying bills and credit card items. A parent should always speak to the child on good study habits and how to handle school materials early and complete assignments on time.

Poor decisions

Decision making is an all time important process in financial management. One has to decide before spending money on an item. Financial decisions will be the chief decisions to make regarding spending an amount of money at hand and taking up a loan. Various analytical ideas with severe consequences have to be made thus the right choices have to be made. The way a child is treated is the way he’s going to make future decisions. A child living snobbish lifestyle is most likely going to spend too much on buying bigger luxury items.

Does your child have a credit report? Have you checked?

Does your child have a credit report? Have you checked?

In conclusion, a child should be trained on saving and investment. Saving is regarded as deferring a current need for future benefits. a question will arise on whether the child can sacrifice the current non necessary needs for the unexpected emergencies or shortages of money in the future.

Taking up investment is putting aside money for expected gains in the future. This decision is arrived at after making series of investment analysis that will compose of analyzing the risk return ratio of the investment factoring in the net worth of the investment and inflation of the economy. A child can be trained on this by challenging him to make a simple investment in the little money he can save from school.

5 Foods That Look Healthy But Aren’t Healthy At All

Anyone who is health-conscious would always look for the “healthier” foods in the market to help them maintain and improve their physical wellness. But, what would you feel if you find out that not all of those foods are actually as “healthy” as they appear to be? Before you get too excited in purchasing the “low-fat” or the “fat-free” items in the supermarket, unravel the truth behind these deceiving foods first.

  1. Everything “fat-free” could be bad

Don’t be allured with those foods that claim to be free of fat. Although it really is hard to ignore these labels, think about how they can be loaded with different kinds of sugars, preservatives, and calories that will ultimately destroy your diet in no time. And not only because it is fat-free that you can eat a whole lot of it than the usual. Before you know it, you’re stuffing down 1,000 calories with that one item alone.

5 Foods to Feed Your Child With ADHD—and 5 to Avoid

5 Foods to Feed Your Child With ADHD—and 5 to Avoid

  1. Avoid premade smoothies. Yes, smoothies

Don’t ever think it’s just veggies and fruit with an adequate amount of milk in your drink. A lot of smoothies bought in stores or in fast food junctions contain a whole lot of sugar and preservatives you don’t even know about. That Jamba Juice orange smoothie? It has as many calories as McDonald’s sausage McMuffin with cheese. It may be better if you make your own healthy smoothie at home instead.

  1. Don’t give in to all energy bars

Although they may seem healthy enough, high energy and protein bars these days already contain a high amount of sugar and calories. They could even equal to the level of unhealthiness of a kid’s candy bar. Not all of these energy bars are unhealthy, though. Be keen enough to look for 100% organic and gluten-free products when you’re planning to buy one.

Eating normally for five days a week and taking in just 500 calories (600 for a man) for the other two sounds like the perfect diet.

Eating normally for five days a week and taking in just 500 calories (600 for a man) for the other two sounds like the perfect diet.

  1. Don’t be fooled with diet sodas

Don’t get me wrong. Diet sodas would be the more “healthier” option compared to the non-diet ones. However, they don’t differ that much. In fact, diet sodas even lack essential nutrients and health benefits and may even cause possible health risks if consumed more than the appropriate. People who consume these products are also likely to experience a metabolic syndrome than those who don’t. So, you better stick with water or coffee to keep you energized instead.

  1. Salads are not always healthy

A lot of people trying to lose weight make the big mistake of relying on salads too much when in fact, mixed salads such as tuna and chicken contain mayonnaise and olive oil that are significantly high in fat. Imagine shoving down a Big Mac down your stomach; that’s how fattening these salads could be. If it is really your preference, do away with the dressing or make it a side-dish instead.

At times, we shouldn’t always rely on the labels. Be completely aware of the food you eat as they can only either make you healthier or the otherwise.

Keeping Your Cool In Romance

Let’s look at dating as an adventure. It’s a big world with all kinds of people for you to meet and get to know and it can be really exciting. Whatever it is your looking for, it’s probably out there and then there are things you couldn’t even imagine. But like any adventure, dating does not come without risks. The main risk is heartbreak. No one likes rejection, no one likes disappointment and either one can lead you into a negative state of thinking that is not good for you and may have detrimental effects on your future prospects. So how do we avoid heartbreak?

Being HERE and NOW: Learning to forgive and forget

It’s hard to have success in a relationship if you are always focusing on the past. Whether you are torn apart over an ex and can’t seem to stop thinking about him/her, or you’ve had a problem with your current special someone and can’t get over it, get back into the present. No good can come from too much attachment to the past. Separate everything into two categories; things you can change and things you can’t. Focus on the things you can change. You must take initiative to get out of the past. Just making an effort will put you in a good direction. You can take steps to forgive and let go of bad feelings or forget and move on. This is not always easy but you can still meet new people and you can get to know them as individuals, without focusing on the problems of your past.

8 ways to instantly revive your romance

8 ways to instantly revive your romance

Coming to realize that you are wonderful, but not perfect

Confidence is not about blindly thinking that you are the best. It is about highlighting the good aspects of yourself and learning to improve the bad aspects of yourself. Is also important to try and understand other people. Not only will that make you more positive about future dating and relationships, it might lead to hints as to why things didn’t work out so you can fix them in the future, whether it was your fault or your ex’s fault. Try not to assume that you were right or wrong about everything and try to be fair. If you can continue to improve yourself, it will keep you positive which is what you need to get back on your feet.



Focusing on your own goals and dreams

This will keep your mind off of painful things by giving your life another sense of purpose. It’s easy to stay heartbroken when your lover is the only thing that matters to you. Your love can be the most important thing but never the only thing you value. This is the time to focus on the other things that make you happy. Not only will it improve your mood but it will also be attractive to the people you date in the future.

Time heals all wounds but you can speed up the recovery by keeping your focus on positive things and moving forward. Remember that if you are lonely and heartbroken, it will be much harder to find new love so don’t wait for this feeling to pass, take steps to help yourself get over it and know that once you do, there are still many good things to come.

Gardening Apps-Redefining and Expanding Agriculture-Standard Solutions

Gardening apps have taken gardening transformation a step further by featuring a large and integrative portfolio of gardening solutions. Indeed, this has preached a beauty everyone would like to hear and hence marking the dawning of a new season for gardening.

1. Gardening App by Bliss Co.

The first application would include the Gardening Application by Bliss App. This application has featured many properties including but not limited to various types of gardens, tips for developing an enticing garden, help and advice needed for planting flower species in a garden setting. Gardening app by Bliss has also featured a wide wealth of information and knowledge base on gardening by focusing on vertical solutions and horizontal back-end functionality required for any successful gardening app. Indeed, Bliss Gardening software application provides organic gardening information, gardening design, botanic garden shows, garden maintenance tips, gardening community, types of garden design among many other approaches. Therefore, this makes it easy for users to steer their green thumb performance and operational efficiency and especially during spring and winter seasons.

College students from Vermont get hands-on experience during Louisville internships for FoodWorks

College students from Vermont get hands-on experience during Louisville internships for FoodWorks

2. The Exclusive Gardenate

The gardenate application has also managed to steal its way in the platform of reputable gardening apps. Besides, it has been the home for powerful and encompassing information needed to cultivate your own and reap from a successful vegetable garden. And anytime, this application can be used to slice and dice garden performance and especially due to its integrative garden calendar that shows herbs and vegetables which can do well in varying monthly and annual seasons. Since it was established in technology, the gardenate application has become a fully customizable tool and gardening guide that can innovate and deliver end-to-end gardening solutions. However, what makes it uniquely different is the ability to incorporate a suite of applications with local planting ideas and approaches for United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. Indeed, by using such gardening analytics, it has easily and flexibly distinguished its performance in a highly restricting and competitive gardening app industry. As is this is not enough, the gardenate application features note and point entry platform whereby the user can make garden planning entries, records for plant varieties, and summaries for the performance of the entire vegetable or flower garden.

This is not a hands-on: Rego a nifty app, but that has a name very complicated in Brazil

This is not a hands-on: Rego a nifty app, but that has a name very complicated in Brazil

3. GardenMinder

It would be incomplete to wrap off our list without a mention on the reputable, award-winning and integrative GardenMinder application. In addition to assisting you with your Green Thumb during spring, GardenMinder can offer all the fundamental approaches you need to jump-start on successful gardening. Such approaches come in form of mobile journals, for capturing garden pictures and notes, garden sharing platform, for social networking platforms like twitter, YouTube and Facebook, visual garden planning tools, feature pre-planned gardens to assist you in garden planning, among many other properties. Anytime, this software, mainly compatible with android powered devices, can redefine and expand agriculture-standard solutions to suite your garden context.

The Unmatched Beauty of Gardening Apps

With all these approaches, it is inarguable to say that the beauty of gardening apps remains unmatched. Wherever possible, these applications can be leveraged in an outsourced basis to take garden transformation a step further. Indeed, this is one of the reasons such apps were introduced in technology some years ago, and ever since, they have broadened that investment.